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Holistic Learning Academy & Development Center


Giving learners the ability to thrive in a self-paced academic environment.


We provide educational services to students with a wide range of abilities, including those with special needs, twice-exceptionalities, and giftedness.


Learning tailored to each student's needs and interests


Real-world projects that teach students critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity


Utilizing the community as a resource for learning


Seamless integration of online and offline learning

A look into
our day!

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Supporting All Learners, Regardless of Background or Ability: Our Program for Special Needs Students

Our program welcomes and encourages students with special needs, ESE, gifted, and twice-exceptional students. We are experts in supporting students who need extra academic help and who may not have thrived in traditional school settings. Because our program is individualized, each student works at their own pace, which is ideal for learners who need more support. We accept FES and other scholarships, and we have an Exceptional Student Education Specialist and a School Counselor on staff. We believe that no student is behind, and we work with learners where they are to help them grow.

Self-directed, project-based learning for all learners

Our school is a self-directed, project-based learning environment where students learn at their own pace and are encouraged to set and reach their own goals. We believe that learning should be fun and engaging, so we use a variety of teaching methods, including Montessori, Reggio Emilia, and STEM, as well as hands-on experiences like science experiments and art.

Our qualified instructors are passionate about helping students succeed, and provide small group and 1:1 teaching to ensure that every student grasps the content. We also offer daily lesson plans so parents can stay informed about what their child is learning.

We have mixed age classrooms to build community and engagement, and we believe that all learners can benefit from learning from and with each other.

Our school is the perfect blend of homeschooling and private school, and it is designed to meet the needs of all students, including visual, kinesthetic, and auditory learners.

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