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Diverse Learning Environments


Our Microschool prioritizes personalized instruction, project-based learning, and a strong sense of community, providing a more personalized and flexible education experience than traditional schools, incorporating elements of homeschooling.

With more flexibility in terms of curriculum, scheduling, and teaching methods, our Microschool  allows for a more customized and adaptable learning experience.

We foster a close-knit community by supporting small classes with no more than ten students per instructor. This allows students, teachers, and parents work together to create a supportive environment, emphasizing hands-on, project-based learning to enhance critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration skills.

Whether online or in person, your child will receive the highest level in quality education from HLA staff. Our live online tutoring sessions are conducted with certified teachers that use effective teaching methods to match your child's particular needs. Each lesson will be recorded for parents and students to review the lessons taught. Your child will participate in a placement assessment, which will help our high-quality educators assess their status in learning. Whether they need to catch up or are ready to move on, their tutors will create a personalized curriculum that suits their needs. 

Mommy Yoga

Mommy and me groups are a fun and engaging way for moms and their young children to socialize, learn, and grow together. At our mommy and me groups, you can expect a variety of activities that are appropriate for the age and developmental stage of the children in the group, such as singing, dancing, playing games, and reading stories. You can also expect a supportive and welcoming environment where mothers and those alike can connect with each other and share experiences. Children will have the opportunity to learn and grow through play and interaction with other children. Caregivers will also have the chance to learn about different parenting philosophies and resources. Our mommy and me groups are a great way for you and your child to bond, create lasting memories, and make new friends. Click the link below for schedules and class details! 

Give your child a head start for kindergarten with our engaging online classes! We assess and strengthen essential skills in reading, writing, math, and problem-solving through interactive games and activities. Experienced teachers personalize learning, ensuring each child builds a strong foundation for academic success in kindergarten and beyond.

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